How to grow viburnum? How to care?

How to grow viburnum? How to care?

Camellia trees are woody plants that bloom in white, pink, marbling, red and yellow colors. Its flowers are very similar to roses. It is a magnificent tree species, they color the environment they are in and make it look beautiful. Therefore, they are highly preferred. How Can a Camellia Tree Be Grown? It is a subject that has been extensively researched by plant breeders. One of the information we will include in our article will be what needs to be done to grow. The camellia tree is a plant that has the ability to stay green throughout its life, but defoliation can be observed in very cold periods. When drying occurs on its leaves, other than shedding, it should be purified from this drying. It can be ensured that it continues to develop by performing the pruning process.

It is possible to grow this tree in pots other than soil. Growing a camellia treeIt is an extremely easy type of plant. Pruning the leaves and flowers that dry in its care and cultivation prevents it from stopping in its development, and its continuous renewal continues. You can use your plant as a hedge or you can use it as a flower by dwarfing it. It is a kind of plant that you will be enchanted with its green appearance in every season. The quality of the soil you plant is important in order for this beauty to be permanent. Although it does not separate too much soil, when planted in mineral-rich, slightly loose, moist and drained soil, its growth rate and development characteristics provide healthy growth without any disruption. In addition to the soil, direct contact with sunlight during the growing phase can wear out your plant. For this reason, if some shade areas are chosen, it will provide convenience for you during the cultivation phase.

What Are the Characteristics of the Camellia Tree?

What Are the Characteristics of the Camellia Tree? This is another of the research topics of plant lovers. The feature that is most talked about and appreciated by all plant feeders is that it is a durable plant that can live for many years. In addition, it is a plant that can adapt to any environment. Since it has a structure that loves daylight, light is important where it is located. You will get maximum efficiency in its development in warm environments suitable for warm climates. It is a type of plant that will require protection as it is not very resistant to wind. Otherwise, drying starts can be observed and its lifespan will be shortened. 

It may not be suitable to be outside in winter, but the plant has a robustness that can withstand cold below 0. It is convenient to use a pot during planting. It is of great importance in terms of ease of relocation for protection purposes in situations where it can be very cold. In the type of pot to be chosen, a large pot should be preferred because it should be able to grow roots easily since its roots are a developing plant.

Tips for Growing/Caring for a Camellia Tree

This plant, which is an indispensable decoration of gardens and houses, is a type of plant that is enjoyable to grow and care for. The Camellia tree, which is extremely robust, needs some applications in its development and maintenance. Like every plant, when it is taken care of, it has a more beautiful appearance and lives for many years. Here are the Tips for Growing/Caring for a Camellia Tree ;

  • It is a plant that uses seeds and cutting methods for sowing.
  • Care should be taken in the selection of lime-free soil during propagation by the steel method.
  • Regular maintenance should be done every day. If they are taken care of, you can see that they develop and take root quickly.
  • In relation to the fact that the winter months are the flowering period, it should generally be between 5 and 7 degrees.
  • The temperature of the area where it is located must be above 18 degrees.
  • It will be good for the leaves of your plant to plant your camellia tree in a shaded area in your garden. Otherwise, the leaves may deteriorate from the sun.

In hot and sunny months, it should be watered at least 2 times in 7 days. Trees that are outside during the winter do not require watering, but trees that are kept indoors

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