How to Grow Quince Tree? How to Care?

How to Grow Quince Tree? How to Care?

If suitable conditions are provided, the question of how to grow a quince tree will not be a problem for you. For this, we will try to answer many questions. Before cultivation, there are many different methods that should be known, such as in which soil the quince tree grows and how to prune the quince tree.

How to grow a quince tree, first of all , you need to look at how to plant a quince tree . Quince, a rare fruit tree that can be seen beautifully throughout the year, is a fruit that is famous for its flowers and enjoyable to eat. It is consumed throughout the year, although it plays a minor role in the agricultural industry. It is possible to serve as culinary foods, especially jams, marmalades and desserts.

The soil you choose to grow a quince tree is very important. For this, you will need to choose a fertile and sunny land. As with other plants, the quince tree can be grown from seeds and saplings. To grow quince with seeds, you will first need to germinate the core of the quince. Wash a quince seed that you have separated from the fruit in autumn and keep it wrapped in a napkin in a cool area. Fill ¾ of a resealable bag with clean and moist soil or moss and after putting the seeds inside, close the bag and place it in the refrigerator. After waiting for 3 months in this way, take it out and plant it in a pot at a depth of about 1 cm. Don't forget to give plenty of life water. After the danger of frost has passed, plant the green quince seedlings in the ground.

Other quince cultivation is planting in the form of steel rooting . Grafted quince seedlings planted in the ground in this way are done between November and January. 

What are the Features of Quince Tree?

What are the characteristics of the quince tree , which gives yellow, juicy and delicious fruits Quince trees are tolerant of dry climates. If there is a danger of frost, it is recommended to collect the quinces immediately. The development of quinces that have been plucked from their branches in the cold region will continue. Apart from this, the recommended collection season is autumn.

Quince can be grown in two different variants as dwarf and semi dwarf. Their average height can vary from 3.5 to 5 meters. The biggest problem that quinces can cause is that they bloom early and they have a long development period before they give their first fruits.

Quince Tree Care/Growing Tips

Here are the tricks of quince tree care/growing :

  • It can grow in dry and moist soils, but will provide maximum performance in drained soils.
  • Fertilize with a low nitrogen fertilizer in the spring. Lawn fertilizers and other high-nitrogen plant foods promote lush foliage and new growth at the expense of flowers and fruit.
  • You need to plant at least two quince saplings to ensure pollination.
  • Watering is not always good. Especially when the soil is dry, it will be enough to water it.
  • If you notice dead or diseased branches on the lower branches of the quince, you should prune immediately so that it does not spread to the entire tree. Thus, the tree will grow more shaped and healthy. You can use a wood saw to prune thick branches.
  • In light soils, copious amounts of compost should be added before planting and a thick organic mulch should be applied each year. In a very dry summer, you should thoroughly wet it.
  • It is generally recommended to plant quince seedlings in a warm, sunny location or grow them facing south or east in colder northern regions.
  • In light or shallow calcareous soils, plenty of organic matter should be added before planting and then thoroughly mulched.

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