How to Grow a Peach Tree? How to care?

How to Grow a Peach Tree? How to care?

The taste of eating a fresh and juicy peach grown from your own trees is something else. As everyone knows, peach is a fruit that can be grown in various regions of Turkey and is easy to care for but requires patience to grow. We will cover how to grow a peach tree and how to care for a peach tree .

First of all, one of the tricks for getting a plentiful harvest and producing delicious fruit is the result of a series of combinations, from planting the tree to growing it, from its maintenance to soil making. The peach tree, like most fruit-bearing trees, is grown in two ways. These are seeding and growing by seed.

Growing a peach tree from seed is a more tedious and patient method. First, remove the core of the peach tree. Fill it with moist potting soil in a bag and add it to the refrigerator. The refrigerator initiates the germination process of the seed through cold stratification, a method of cold treatment that simulates winter conditions. Germination will begin in 3-4 months. Wait for the last frost of winter to end before it starts to take root, and after the cemre falls to the ground, add the seedling to the soil for early growth. It takes 3-4 years to produce fruit with this method.

Growing a peach tree with the seedling method is a faster and more effective method than growing it with seeds. First you will need 15-20 cm long seedlings from an adult peach tree in the first days of spring. If you wish, you can also choose the end of winter for this. Make sure your planting area gets full sun. Then dig a hole deep enough for the roots to grow and bury the seedling in the ground. Dig a small mound of soil at the bottom of the planting area. Then water the soil and make sure the water does not dig a deep hole towards the root. In this case, the sapling may not be able to meet the soil requirement it needs. Sprinkle fertilizer around the root zone and take care to water and aerate the soil every month.

How to Care for a Peach Tree?

How to care for a peach tree? The peach maintains its need for care when it is a sapling, even when it becomes a tree. You need to prune the head and branches of the sapling, which begins to take root and branch with the spring month. This ensures that your young tree will produce abundant fruit when grown. In order for your tree to grow healthy, you can tie it with a stake.

When growing a peach tree:

  • Take care to water the new seedlings twice a week. It is important that the soil is moist.
  • Have it fertilized in the spring with a slow-release fertilizer. For this, choose a fertilizer high in phosphorus and low in nitrogen.
  • Don't forget to prune your trees. Pruned trees produce more fruit. For this, prefer the time of summer just before fruiting.
  • Follow the fruit thinning process. The fact that too many fruits are growing side by side on a tree branch causes it to remain small during the ripening period. Therefore, with the method called misfire, pluck the fruits that grow to the bottom.
  • Fungal control is a must for peach trees. Burnt-like shrinkage and tip curls on the leaves of peach trees are a sign of disease. In this case, if the necessary precautions are not taken, you should intervene as this disease can cover the entire tree.

Peach trees are one of the large fruit tree families. The fact that they can reach up to 6 meters in height should be an effective factor in the selection of the place before planting. Apart from this, if the necessary maintenance is not done, it can cause a wide variety of problems. Among these problems, the most common problems are that the trees do not grow, do not grow, do not bear fruit, give little fruit or do not produce fruit large enough to be eaten, but in rare cases, problems such as not rooting and breaking of trees can occur.

Peach Tree Care Tips

It is very important to care for the soil where the peach tree is planted. In this care, fertilizing, hoeing, getting rid of weeds and airing the soil are among the priorities in the care.

Peach trees require a lot of water. Therefore, a series of preliminary preparations should be made so that water can go to the roots of the trees while watering. The most well-known of this preparation is to create a perimeter around the tree so that the tree retains as much water as it may need. Since the soil is moist may be important for the rapid growth of the tree, you can protect it to prevent it from drying out quickly.

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