How to grow lotus? how to care

How to grow lotus? how to care

The lotus flower is also known as chickenpox. This flower, which has a magnificent appearance, is also very suitable for homes due to its delicate nature. She is also known as the coy girl of the house. In this article, we will give you answers to the questions of how to grow a lotus and how to care for it. In the light of this information, you can grow and care for water lilies at home.

When we look at the lotus in general, it grows in deserts. We can say that it starts to bloom in August and July. In addition, it has purple, red, white and green colors. Since it is chickenpox, you can see it very often near fountains and pools. This flower, which serves as a very important accessory, also has the feature of living in muddy water.

Water Lily Care

  • We can say that water lily care is a sensitive issue. The reason for this is that this beautiful flower is a bit coy.
  • Water lily requires soils rich in humus. At the same time, if you add sheep and goat manure to it, the yield will increase considerably.
  • You should pierce the lotus seed using a sharp object. While doing this, be careful not to damage the tissue.
  • You should put the plant into the ground at an angle of 45 degrees. You can also cover it with small stones.
  • The right pot for the lotus is a medium pot.
  • The most important point to note; The seed is kept in a completely watery place.
  • Make sure the sprouts are under water. As the sprouts grow, a small amount of soil needs to be removed.

The water lily stands out as the most preferred pond ornamental plant today. This plant, which can grow up to 10-20 cm wide, can grow in salty and non-soda waters in all parts of the world. At the same time, 1 square meter in the pool environment will be enough for its growth. However, as they get older, their needs also increase considerably.

This flower, which is difficult and troublesome to grow, can die because of a small mistake you make without realizing it. The way of growing this plant varies according to the characteristics of the pond where you will place the plant. When we look in general, the growing conditions of the lotus plant can be listed as follows.

Water Lily Growing Conditions

  • The lotus, which does not grow in a sunless environment, wants to take advantage of every bit of light between sunrise and sunset. For this reason, the pool where you are growing the plant has to receive the sun most of the day. This sun should be at a right angle for at least 4 hours.
  • Nilüfer can be grown in every region of Turkey. It is cold and winter hardy. However, as we have mentioned before, the pool in which it will grow should be at least 50 cm deep.
  • The correct term for water lily is not to plant it in the pool. The planting process of the plant is together with the pot. The pot is placed in the pool. To plant the water lily matured for 5 years, you should prefer a soilless pond.
  • The container in which you will plant the lotus plant should be thin and perforated. You should make sure that the pool is at least 23 degrees.

Water lily is also known as Lotus plant. Another feature of a flower is that it is an option where you can generate income online. It is possible to earn money by selling lotus on the internet. This is another factor that makes this flower valuable. Although the sale of flowers in general has a large share on the internet, we can say that Nilüfer is one of the sectors that entrepreneurs should evaluate. Buying flowers to each other as gifts causes an increase in sales speed.

In this article, we have answered questions such as how to grow lotus and how to care for it. At the same time, by reading other articles on our site, you can have an idea about the development, care and cultivation of many flowers. The water lily stands out among these flowers with its delicate structure.

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