How to grow bird of paradise flower? How to care?

How to grow bird of paradise flower? How to care?

How to grow bird of paradise flower? These flowers are so beautiful that their shape is unlike any other flower in the world. When viewed from the side, it resembles a hummingbird trying to collect pollen from a flower. It can be grown indoors any day of the year and can be looked after in the garden under suitable seasonal conditions. Bird of paradise flower care is similar to most flowers, but they do need plenty of sunlight during the winter months. The more mature they are, the more likely they will be to survive the winter.

For starters, how to grow bird of paradise flower and germinate its seed? You can collect the bird of paradise seed from a flower or buy it online. Cut feather-like spots on the seeds you have and soak them overnight in room temperature water. Then plant the seed in moist stream sand about 1 cm and leave it to germinate in a warm and dark place. If you want a faster development, you can also make a mini greenhouse. After this stage, check the seed every 7 days, immediately take the seed with any bursting, rooting or germination and plant it in the permeable, sandy, peat soil you have prepared.

Birds of paradise root before they sprout. For this reason, the soil and peat you use are sterile, allowing the roots to develop healthily without getting fungus and mold. To support this and prevent root rot, move the plant you have taken into the pot without germination to an airy place with an average of 23-26°C light. The actual green shoot germination will take place within 7 days. This process may take up to 6 months depending on the ideal environment and humidity values. High humidity, fresh air, filtered long-term sunlight will accelerate this process. If you are going to plant the bird of paradise plant in the garden, watch out for frost because they are sensitive to cold.

What Are the Characteristics of the Bird of Paradise Flower?

Because of its shape, they call this flower a paradise of bird in the United States . If you look carefully, it resembles a hummingbird. Its scientific name is Strelizia nicolai . This plant has distinctive features. What are the features of the bird of paradise flower native to South Africa , what you need to know in the continuation of our article.

These flowers are among the most well-known tropical species. It is much easier to grow than many other flowers. The flower blooms in late winter and early spring but retains its blooms throughout the summer under favorable conditions. There are five different species of Bird of Paradise in total, but only two of these species are suitable as indoor plants. These species are: Strelizia reginea and Strezlizia nicolai .

These plants grow with upright leaves that stick out directly from the ground and have no stems. The large leaves are 36 to 55 cm long and break easily in windy conditions. The bird of paradise is a perennial herbaceous and can grow from 1 meter to 2 meters in height. They love the sun and do best in rich loam and slightly acidic, low pH soils.

Bird of Paradise Flower Care/Growing Tips

Tips for bird of paradise flower care/raising:

  • If you are going to grow your bird of paradise flower indoors, you should position it in direct sun or in areas with plenty of bright light.
  • If you have a newly sprouting plant, feed it with compost in early spring and fertilize regularly until its stem thickens.
  • Take the flower outside in the summer and inside in the winter for best growth.
  • However, it requires protection from the direct midday summer sun, which can burn the leaves of young plants. It is a good location in a room with windows facing east or west.
  • Use well-drained potting mix soils for the bird of paradise plant.
  • Keep the soil consistently moist throughout the year, but be careful. Too much root does not work well.
  • If the leaves of the plant wilt and turn brown, it is a sign that it has been overwatered.
  • Bird of paradise loves places with high humidity. So if your house is dry, freshen its leaves and roots in very hot weather with a spray.
  • This plant is not resistant to cold and frost and for this reason it should not be left outside in cold weather.
  • The bird of paradise is a fast-growing plant that must reach a certain size before it can bloom. So get them in bigger pots every spring.

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