How to grow begonia flower? How to care?

How to grow begonia flower? How to care?

Begonia flower takes its place as one of the most loved and grown flowers especially in our country. Begonia is a plant belonging to the begonia family. Unlike the most common type in our country, this flower has more than 200 species. In general, begonias are grouped under 3 main types; leafy, tuberous and flowering begonias. As such, how do people often grow begonia flowers? How to care? They often ask the question…

Depending on the type, the begonia flower can have colors such as orange, red, yellow, white and pink. Begonia flowers are very suitable flowers to be grown on balconies and gardens. You can easily obtain seeds or seedlings of begonia flowers from florists and DIY stores. In addition, since begonias reproduce very easily, if you have a friend around you who grow begonias, you can obtain a root in this way. So how to grow begonia flower? How to care?

What Are the Characteristics of Begonia Flowers?

When the begonia flower features are mentioned, hundreds of items can be listed. First of all, you have the opportunity to obtain the begonia flower as a seedling or seed. Growing a begonia plant from seed is difficult. Therefore, if you want to grow begonia flowers, we recommend that you buy them as seedlings.

Caring for a ready seedling is quite simple. All you have to do is plant the begonia sapling in a suitable soil type and water it regularly and ensure that it receives the sun. There are also types of begonia flower that are sold in pots. If you do not want to deal with potting and planting, you can also obtain begonia plants in this way. If you are going to plant the begonia plant yourself, you must first pay attention to the soil selection. The soil type in which you will grow the begonia plant should be rich in humus and fibrous. If you could not provide a soil containing fiber, you can provide the fiber balance yourself by mixing ordinary sand into it. When planting the begonia flower, you must first fill half of the pot you bought with soil. Then you should clear the plant from the soil it is in and carefully plant it into the soil with its roots. Begonia flower should be watered little and often in summer. For example, you can irrigate once every 2 days during the scorching summer months. In winter, you can reduce this amount to once a week.

What are the Tips for Growing Begonia Flowers?

If you have procured a begonia flower, one of the issues you will be wondering will be what are the tricks of growing begonia flowers . First of all, as mentioned above, the most important factor is watering the begonia flower. Begonia flower should be watered frequently. In addition, begonia flowers are plants that love order. If you water your flower in the same way and with the same amount of water every day, your begonia flower will be quite happy. If you see yellowing or dead leaves when you observe your begonia flower, you should prune these parts immediately. Because these parts can infect the plant immediately and you can lose your whole begonia flower.

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