How to grow an avocado tree? How to care?

How to grow an avocado tree? How to care?

Although avocado is a fruit that has been popular abroad for many years, it can be said that it has just arrived in our country. As such, one of the most frequently asked questions is how to grow an avocado tree? It was a question of how to take care of it. When growing an avocado tree, the most important factor to consider is the season. The best season to plant and grow an avocado tree is spring. You can buy seeds for the avocado tree from DIY stores. However, making your own avocado seed at home is also quite simple. So how is an avocado tree grown? How to care ?

The first thing you need to make avocado seeds is a ripe and soft avocado. Carefully separate the avocado seed (without damaging the seed) from the soft fruit. Then put the avocado seed in a container filled with water and wait for about 30 minutes in this way. The water must be at room temperature. Hot or cold water can damage your avocado seed. After removing the bean from the water, first dry it thoroughly with a paper towel. Next, you'll need 3 toothpicks and a glass or bowl that's wide enough for half your avocado seed to go into. You need to insert the toothpicks into the core from 3 sides of your avocado seed, about 1 cm inside. Then, submerge half of the avocado seed in water so that it supports the toothpicks.

In this way, place the avocado seed with the container in a sunny room. However, avocado seeds should not receive direct sun. The avocado seed you leave in this way will start to germinate from the bottom in 3 to 7 weeks. If your avocado seed has not germinated within 9 weeks, you should try the same process with another avocado seed. When the bottom germinated part is about 16 cm long, cut it in half and plant your seeds in the ground like this.

What Are the Characteristics of the Avocado Tree?

Among the features of the avocado tree , first of all, this tree bears fruit abundantly in a long time. In addition, avocado is one of the food sources containing plenty of vitamins. Avocado, which can take its place in almost every meal, is very beneficial for eye health, especially with its richness in vitamin A. The taste of avocado, which is actually a fruit, is rich in healthy fats, not sugar.

What are the Tips for Growing an Avocado Tree?

If you have germinated and planted your avocado seed, the other issue you will be wondering will be what are the tricks of growing an avocado tree . First of all, you should take extra care of the seedling of your avocado tree. The seedling can remain in the pot for quite a long time. Therefore, there is no need to rush to plant your seedling in the garden. Although avocado is a plant that grows in summer, you should keep it away from direct sunlight while it is still in seedling form. However, the pot must be placed in a sunny room. You need to water the avocado plant, which also loves water, abundantly. The soil of your avocado seedling should never dry out, it should stay moist all the time.

When your seedling first reaches 30-40 cm, prune half of the seedling. In this way, you get much stronger and stronger arms. If you observe that your avocado seedling is turning yellow, this indicates that the seedling has rotted its roots from too much water. In such a case, you should stop watering the seedling immediately.

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