How to care for poinsettia? How is it grown?

How to care for poinsettia? How is it grown?

poinsettia;  It is a kind of ponsetia flower, which is considered to be one of the most gentle flowers in the world, which is red or yellow in color. It was named Atatürk Flower because it was brought to the country with Atatürk's special efforts. In this way, it has started to be grown and reproduced in our country. It is possible to make room for this flower type, which is almost a natural wonder, in our home. However, it can be a little more difficult to maintain, more arduous

First of all, Atatürk Flower is a very sensitive and delicate flower, it should be protected from cold and watered less during the winter months. It is much more possible to find this plant in flower beds in autumn and summer, because it is a plant that is much more difficult to grow in other seasons. Since the plant will need more water in summer, it should be watered more. And one of the most important things to consider when watering is that water grows in every area of the soil and irrigates every area. The container used while watering this plant should be the same measuring cup, and we should always irrigate at the same time on the same day.

If there is a container or a situation that needs to be changed as much as possible in this plant, the size of the container to be irrigated should not be changed, but should be the same size as the old container. (Atatürk plant is not a change-loving plant.) One of the most important conditions for this plant to live for a long time is that this plant should not be in a room with a temperature below 15 degrees during the winter months. Otherwise, the plant freezes and unfortunately dies. When watering this plant, especially in winter, we need to pay attention to the temperature of the water. The water must be at room temperature. Never give water whose temperature cannot be adjusted, such as tap water.

Poinsettia (Poinsettia) reproduction

Poinsettia ( ponsetia ) plant does not grow very much in height , its development is very slow ,

At this stage, this plant (Ponsetya) separated from its roots should be placed in a different pot with soil in order to multiply.

This propagation method is called root separation. In this way, the second pot (the root that is separated from the root and placed in the new pot) will grow much faster, and the first pot will continue to root.

The most suitable, most suitable and most productive time for reproduction of Poinsetian (Poinsettia flower) is May.

The same care, placement and irrigation should be done for the poinsettia in the 1st Pot and the 2nd Pot.

Care, placement and irrigation process of Poinsettia (Ponsetia) plant

Ponsetia plant, which is a sun-loving plant, should be exposed to direct sunlight.

The sides of the flower that see the sunlight tend towards the sun, and in order to prevent this situation, we should change the shaded parts of this flower towards the sun from time to time.

We should not leave the flower in too hot air and too cold weather; This will damage the flower and its roots.

Poinsettia, which is a very sensitive plant, is affected very quickly by air currents. It is necessary to protect this plant from these air currents.

Over time, the vitamins and minerals in the soil are absorbed by the plant. For this reason, mineral and vitamin supplements should be made to the soil at least once a year.

Ponsetia plant, poinsettia plant should not be in contact with any other object in its location.

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