How are tulips grown? how to care

How are tulips grown? how to care

The question of how to grow and care for tulips is one of the most asked questions recently. These flowers, which stand in a corner of offices, homes and workplaces and beautify the environment they stand, have many different types. It is generally called a green pot plant. In this article, we will give you all the detailed information about tulips.

The empty light-loving tulip flower should not be exposed to direct sunlight like other flowers. Therefore, it must be constantly turned in direction. The tulip tends to turn in the direction it receives light. For this reason, it should be turned to the other side every week and it should be ensured that it receives the light proportionally. Otherwise, the flower may face the risk of deterioration.

The tulip that receives little light cannot be fed enough. This will cause the flowers to die and turn yellow. For all these reasons, it is necessary to be sensitive about the care of tulips.

How Should Tulips Be Watered?

The question of how to water tulips is one of the most frequently asked questions recently. Tulips should be watered from the top 2 times a week. The watering technique in the summer divides the week into 2 days and it would be logical to prefer Mondays and Thursdays. During the watering process, the scale of the container should always be the same. If we have over-watered, the remaining water in the pot should be poured on the morning of the irrigation day. Thus, it prevents the formation of bad odors and pests that may occur in the soil.

The basic rule of watering is to control the soil of the plant. If the soil of the plant is dry, irrigation should be done. If the soil of the plant has not dried, it is necessary to wait.

Where Does Tulip Grow?

Where the tulip grows is one of the most curious subjects. Tulips should be kept away from windy places where there is a risk of opening, such as doorways and windows. The wind shook the flower, which caused airflow to enter the root of the soil. This reduces the life of the flower and causes the flowers to wilt and turn yellow. Since the tulip plant is very gentle, you need to be sensitive when approaching it.

Tulip is an unpruned flower. This is because it is a bulbous plant. Fading flowers should be cleaned so as not to harm the plant.

The soil change of the tulip should be done in April, which is the beginning of the hot weather. During soil change, you should plant the flower you want to change in one number larger than the pot.

What harms tulips?

  • Excessive watering is one of the things that will harm tulips the most.
  • The plant's pot holes should be open. This harms the plant. The water has to come out of those holes somehow
  • Being close to sick plants will damage the tulip.
  • The poor quality of the soil and the lack of vitamins harm the tulip.
  • Fungi and pests damage the plant.

How to Propagate Tulip?

Tulip, which is a bulbous plant, blooms in the first spring months and stops until very hot in the summer, then withers again. When they wither, you need to take the onions and wrap them with foil. Then, at the beginning of the first spring, you can plant it back into the ground. Tulip is a very easy flower to grow. Therefore, you do not need to give or receive money outside.

This is how we can answer the question of how to grow tulips and how to care for them. Tulip is one of the most preferred flowers especially in our country. We can say that he identified with Turkish culture. There are movies, books and serials about tulips. This, in turn, leads to an increase in people's interest in tulips. It is possible to read many articles on our site where you can have an idea about other plants.

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