How are tomatoes grown? how to care

How are tomatoes grown? how to care

One of the most popular vegetables to grow, tomatoes are a pleasure to grow in your own garden. It is very pleasant to eat tomatoes for breakfast, pasta sauces and salads. In this article, we will give you the answers to the question of how to grow tomatoes and how to care. If you know the answers to these questions correctly, you can grow your own tomatoes.

At the first stage of preparation for planting tomatoes, you need to put fertilizer on the soil in your garden. If you are going to buy tomato seedlings from outside, you should not prefer old and overgrown seedlings. You should not buy seedlings that are tall and thin, that have bloomed, that have small tomatoes on them.

Seedling Growing

It is possible to grow your own seedlings with seeds in pots. In sunlight, seedlings grown on the windowsill develop faster. But if the soil in the pot cools, the germination time slows down. You need to water the seedlings in the pot regularly. You can cut the lower part of the leaves that come out in this process with the help of scissors. If you do this, the tomato seedling will grow more easily. You have to do the same operations when you plant the seedling in the garden soil.

You Must Water Plenty

While the seedlings are in the pot, you should brush them with your hands every other day. If you do this, their stems will be strong and thick. You do not need to do this in the garden. If you are growing it in the garden, you do not need to do this. The wind will do it for you.

After planting the seedlings in the garden, you need to water them. In cool hours, you need to water 1-2 days a week. You can reduce the amount of watering during harvest periods. You can also add dill, fennel, potatoes and pole beans next to tomatoes.

Absorbent Parts

You need to cut off the non-blooming parts of the tomato seedling. These are called absorbent parts. The absorbent parts in the soil are to slow down the development of tomatoes. You can do the plucking once a week. In inverted tomatoes, if the length of the seedling exceeds the stick it is wrapped in, you can cut that part of the seedling. In this way, it will not be unnecessarily long.

Tips for Growing Tomatoes

With the tricks of growing tomatoes, you can have the chance to grow tomatoes that taste and look better. For this, at the first stage, there are some points that you should pay attention to.

  • To prevent weed growth, you should plant lightly until the soil warms up. Then lay mulch to let weeds die and retain moisture.
  • Instead of watering the tomatoes 1-2 times a little, it is more reasonable to water the deep ones abundantly.
  • Try not to get the leaves wet. Wet leaves are susceptible to disease.
  • Covering the plant with fertilizer 2-3 times during the growth phase will be a move that will increase the development and health of the vegetable.
  • If you stake the plants, you may need to prune them to increase yields. Pruned tomatoes take up much less space. They yield 2 weeks earlier than those who are not pruned.
  • Tomato pruning is different from pruning shrubs and trees. You just have to do it with your fingers. You need to take the suckers in the form of small shoots that reproduce with the lateral and main stems on the leaves.
  • If you live in a warm place, you need to protect the tomato from scalding. For this, leave 1-2 absorbers in the middle and on the top. When it is scalded, gray spots form on the tomato. These also cause disease.
  • When the tomatoes reach the top of the pole, you can cut off the ends and make them produce more fruit and flowers.
  • Tomatoes need more water and fertile soil if grown in pots. In addition, the sun is also very important.

In this article, we have given you the answers to the question of how to grow tomatoes and how to care for them. In the light of this information, you can have the chance to grow your own tomatoes. You can get information about many subjects by reading other articles on our site.

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