How are roses grown? how to care

How are roses grown? how to care

Rose is among the indispensable parts of our homes and workplaces. It is the most loved flower with its sweet smell and elegant stance. In this article, we will write you detailed information about rose varieties, rose care, pruning and reproduction. By reading these articles, you can find answers to the questions of how to grow roses and how to care.

  • The question of how a rose grows in an environment is among the most frequently asked questions by those who want to grow roses. The rose is a very expensive flower. Therefore, people may want to grow their own. But it needs the right environment to grow.
  • The rose, which needs a lot of light, does not suffer any damage even if it is exposed to the sun at a direct angle.
  • Between 16-23 degrees, we can say that the ideal temperature for roses. Even if the increase in temperature increases the growth rate of the rose, it decreases its quality.
  • Relative humidity of 60% is the most suitable option for the growth of roses.
  • When watering roses, you need to include the stems and thorns. You do not need to be careful not to spill the flowers during watering.
  • They like soils rich in organic matter.

Rose Varieties

  • There are many varieties of roses and they can be counted under various classes. In general, it is necessary to classify them under the main headings such as stem and flower.
  • In terms of their flowers, roses; single layer roses, semi layered roses and layered roses
  • Roses in terms of size; dwarf roses, tall roses and wrapper-ivy roses
  • Roses by bloom time; those that bloom once a year, those that bloom more than once, those that bloom
  • In terms of katmer flowers, roses; roses with small layered flowers, normal layered flowers, large layered flowers

How to Plant a Rose?

  • The question of how to plant a rose is one of the most frequently asked questions by people who want to grow roses. Rose forms the most suitable time for planting in March and November. The inefficient and unfavorable soil conditions cause planting not recommended in winter.
  • After the soil field is prepared for planting rose saplings, pits with a diameter of 40 cm and a depth of 60 cm should be dug for each of the seedlings.
  • It is essential to leave the necessary gaps between the pits. This will vary depending on the type of rose. It varies between 30 cm in miniature roses, between 50 cm and 1.5 m in shrub roses, and according to height in hybrid tea roses.
  • The soil taken from the upper part is placed at the bottom of the pit after it is mixed with fertilizer.
  • Finally, the roses are ready for planting. Dry root tips are pruned.
  • Dead root tips are brown in color. White and yellow color emerges after cutting with garden shears.
  • Root pruning is done before planting.
  • After the sapling is ready, it is placed in the pit opened, without the roots curling, with the grafting point on the soil. The soil mixed with manure is planted and life water is given.

How to Propagate a Rose?

We can say that the question of how to reproduce a rose is one of the most curious questions. It is possible to mention that there are 3 different methods for propagating roses. These are cutting, grafting and seeding methods.

In this article, we have given you detailed information about planting roses and other subjects. At the beginning of today's most preferred flowers, the rose is the most preferred flower to show love and affection. At the same time, we can say that it is the flower most loved by women. This situation causes an increase in the importance of rose cultivation and care. You can also read other articles on our site to have information about growing and maintaining plants.

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